Housing Association Jobs – Time to Give Credit Where Credit is Due

There has been a wave of criticism recently against Housing Associations and the role of the Housing Association has been likened to that of a private landlord, by some Labour peers recently.

The role of the housing association is today responsible for much more than just performance, but for value for money and for the long-term financial viability the organisation.

To many in the coalition Government, the housing associations stand for benefit dependency and fail to transform lives in the way they promise to their communities.

A recent article in The Guardian contends that this view is  c ill-considered, and doesn’t understand how the housing associations work.

There has been a  charge of Housing Associations being “remote big businesses”

We contend that this doesn’t stack up. Whilst it is true that there are large associations today compared with in the past –  60 associations manage more than 10,000 homes! However more than 1,500 associations are active in England, managing an average of 1,600 homes in communities that really depend on their support. Ofcourse this increase creates its’ own demands not least the need to have experienced workers to fill new Housing Association Jobs for instance.

The Housing crisis continues in the UK, so lets give credit to those who work in this increasingly pressurised environment.